About me

Photo : Wilfried Rick
Photo : Wilfried Rick

My name is Julia Rick and I discovered my passion for Wakeboarding a couple years ago.


I am multiple times World Champion, European Champion and World Cup Champion.



Currently I am traveling the world, competing in international events and sharing my love for the sport 



I am consistently trying to push the level of Women’s Wakeboarding and to show this in my own edited videos on my social media channels.



I won 3x „Trick of the Year“ being the first woman ever landing a Backside 900, Backside 1080 and KGB 540.


I firstly began wakeboarding in 2009, however did not spend much time at the cable as I was professionally engaged in the "Second German Football League" in Cologne (1.FC Köln).

The decision to end my football career was made in April 2012, where I decided to engage myself fully into professional wakeboarding. It was the same year, where I commenced my first participation in wakeboarding competitions.


It was one of the best decisions in my life to start Wakeboarding professionally!



- "Follow me and share my passion!"

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